Marek Mularczyk is an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor.

He is an established Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor training across the UK and an author of a very popular video podcast PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM TV as well as a very popular YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

He is also an author of video training DVDs: "The Complete Photoshop CC", "The Complete Lightroom CC", "PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM TV", "UNLEASH THE POWER OF PHOTOSHOP CS6", "UNLEASH THE POWER OF PHOTOSHOP CS5", and "ADOBE FLASH CS4 NEW FEATURES".

online classes at Udemy:

"Master Photoshop in easy steps"

"Master Lightroom in easy steps"

"Master Creating websites with Adobe Muse"

as well as 5 books:

Marek Mularczyk books

available worldwide.

Click to check Marek's page on Adobe website.