Unleash the power of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 book"UNLEASH THE POWER OF DREAMWEAVER CS6"

Learn how to build fully web standard compliant websites easily with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.

" Ignored for a long time by many designers, standards are at the very core of the success of the Web. The current trend of stressing standards compliance on the Web is not due to chance: they are a win-win for all participants. "

" Developed by experts and with input from the whole Web community, standards work together to provide the foundation to build increasingly powerful applications. Standards are the result of a lot of energy and expertise, don't miss the opportunity to benefit from their leveraging effect! "

" On the Web, being up-to-date with the latest technologies is a difficult exercise: choosing the wrong tool or architecture can lead to losses in money, time, or customers. "

" By using standards, your Web site's foundation is built upon technologies that have been developed and tested by leading experts in the Web community."

  • HTML and CSS
  • Creating page layouts
  • Working with Text and Images
  • Working with Templates
  • Working with Navigation
  • Working with Spry
  • Including Audio and Video on your pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Creating Online Forms